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Vikram Raya: cardiologist, high-performance coach, real estate investor, family man. 

See also: wears the hell out of a vest.

When he’s not shoving stents in diabetics or buying his next apartment building, this guy can be found wining and dining his wife, coaching his sons’ basketball teams, climbing mountains, sparring in the ring, or conquering Tough Mudders.

And here I can barely find time to wipe pee off the toilet seat.

I guess it makes sense why he calls himself the Limitless MD, huh?

But anyways, should you buy his program?

Read on for my Infinite 8 Mastermind review. 

Why Most Courses Suck

This is a program that shows you how to earn an extra six figures per year from real estate without working more hours.

Vikram thinks you’d agree:

Most physicians are too busy trading time for money to pursue anything outside of medicine.

That’s why he developed a three-step process to open up 10 hours per week on your calendar.

Here’s what that looks like:

  1. You’ll do a time audit.
  2. Then optimize how you’re spending that time.
  3. Then complete a productivity planner so you always know what you should be doing.

Now what? Now it’s time to start learning how to find, analyze, and purchase lucrative real estate deals.

Vikram will teach you:

  1. How to pick the best markets to invest in.
  2. How to reach out to brokers to source deals.
  3. How to scrutinize deals using his proprietary underwriting tool.
  4. How to submit offers and get properties under contract.

Like a creeper with a black ski mask, rope, zip ties, and two rolls of duct tape in his glove box, Vikram’s thought of everything.

In terms of money, if you wanna use your own to invest, awesome.

If not, Vikram can connect you to a firm that’ll lend any doctor $100k for real estate, no questions asked.

From there, he’ll educate you on the seven sources of capital and how to leverage other people’s money to catapult your net worth.

Most importantly, Vikram will be there to support you every step of the way.

You’ll get templates, letters, spreadsheets, and hand holding from a guy with over 12 years of investing experience.

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Why Most Courses Suck

Vikram co-founded his apartment syndication company, Viking Capital, with fellow MD Ravi Gupta in 2015.

Just two years later, he secured his first seven-figure payout.

Since then, he’s scaled to over $750 million in assets nationwide.

Probably hasn’t stepped foot outside of a gated community since.

Will this work for you? Dumb question.

Vikram’s coached hundreds of physicians across various specialities, guiding them to start purchasing small multifamily properties.

The results speak for themselves, with Infinite 8 Mastermind reviews to back it up.

Take Dr. Preethika Sidhu, for example.

A burnt-out OBGYN and hospitalist who dreamt of building a real estate empire, she had only dabbled in single-family homes before joining.

Since enrolling, she’s submitted five letters of intent and acquired 76 units this year alone: a 40-unit, a 10-unit, and a 26-unit property.

This portfolio now generates a six-figure side income, allowing her to hang up the white coat a decade earlier than planned.

Or Dr. Kristina Kypuros, an overworked ER and ICU physician who saw her family about as often as R. Kelly sees sunlight.

Vikram taught her how to say no to nonessential tasks and focus exclusively on the needle movers.

Today, she owns multiple multifamily properties, including a 10-unit property she recently scooped up.

Now, she enjoys the energy, vitality, and quality family time she so desperately craved.

Then there’s Dr. Neil Kheterpal, a GI doc in the Tar Heel State.

Since signing up, he’s submitted three LOIs and currently has a 24-unit complex under contract.

If you’re looking to create an income outside of medicine, Vikram bangs his gavel and invites you to book a call to learn more.

As for the cost? He’s keeping mum on that, which usually means it ain’t cheap.

I’m not a doctor, so I guess I’ll just keep embracing my unrealized potential and crippling porn addiction.

Why Most Courses Suck


Q: Vikram Raya net worth?

A: I’m the big strong fireman here to save you from the raging inferno of comparison, alright? Before you inhale too much smoke. Besides, only Vikram knows for sure.

Q: Is there anything you don’t like about this guy?

A: Vikram’s cool, but it feels like he’s grasping at straws to find an offer that works. Like, are you a life coach? Career coach? Multifamily guru? First it was Limitless MD. Then it was MD Tycoon. Now it’s i8 Mastermind. Are we spinning around in an oversized teacup at Disney? Because I’m getting dizzy. Just pick something and stick with it. Plus, he does live events with Bedros Keuilian and Craig Ballantyne – two grifters, if you ask me.

Q: Okay, Mr. Know It All, so how do you make money?

A: By ranking little articles like this in Google. Here’s a video on how it’s done.