Faceless Freedom Review

Freud Beach

Freud Vixamar looking better than a free Crumbl cookie on your birthday. He’s the founder of Faceless Freedom.

It’s a new era, Freud says. Everything’s changing. We’re entering “the new arbitrage economy.”

And now, regular 9-5ers, no different than me and you, are making as much as doctors… working only a couple of hours a week.

No previous experience or special skills required.

Are you face down on the floor, ready to slurp? Good, ’cause Freud’s about to spill the beans.

Please proceed… for Faceless Freedom reviews.

Why Most Courses Suck

The simple, beginner-friendly business model Freud’s referring to is called YouTube automation.

It’s where you build out YouTube channels without showing your face or even making the videos yourself.

  • It’s proven – no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Work from home or anywhere in the world.
  • Get started for a small amount of money.
  • Every upload is a new income stream.
  • Grow it as big as you want (that’s what she said).

Freud has been making money online since he was 16.

He’s done Shopify drop shipping, affiliate marketing, he launched a social media marketing agency, he used to flip stuff on eBay – you name it.

Compared to YouTube automation? Those side hustles are like bringing a squirt gun to a fire hose fight. Like, good luck with that.

Whereas, with this, you’re playing the game on easy mode.

You’re creating a fully remote business that can realistically bring in $5,000 to $30,000 per month. Recurring. Every single month. And it compounds over time.

High margins. Low startup costs.

Oh, and no customers or clients to deal with.

So for those of you who’d rather pound a rusty nail into your forehead using your palm as a hammer… than answer support tickets all day? This is perfect for you, Freud says.

And yes, there’s still plenty of opportunity on YouTube.

Look around. We’re all glued to our phones. And we’ve got an insatiable appetite for news, entertainment and educational content.

And most of us prefer videos over reading, right?

I mean, reading’s for do-gooders who eat organic everything and drive the speed limit and wash their hands even if they only went pee.

Faceless Freedom LLC
Why Most Courses Suck

Remember, though, you’re not trying to be MrBeast here.

That would take way too much time, effort and money. Even if you’re up for the challenge, your chances of success are lower than a cholo’s El Camino.

Instead, outsource your videos, Freud says. And go after the easy views.

And then just sit back and collect ad revenue.

Think of yourself as a connector. Someone who pairs people to the exact content they’re interested in.

Talented freelancers will create this content for you… for pennies on the dollar.

You can find them on places like Fiverr and Upwork. Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence allow ’em to do more for less, Freud points out.

Your job is really just strategy. Deciding on the direction of the channel, uploading and optimizing the videos, and scaling things up.

Freud’s Faceless Freedom program walks you through a four-step plug-and-play process:

  1. Choose your niche.
  2. Build a team that integrates AI.
  3. Manage the team.
  4. Upload and profit.

If you execute properly, Freud sees no reason you can’t get to $3,000 to $5,000 per month within your first six months.

And if it’s an evergreen niche, these videos can pay you, month in and month out, for life.

How much does the Faceless Freedom Academy cost?

It’s $1,997.

What are the risks?

Stiff competition, copycats, YouTube demonetizing your videos, thin margins, and babysitting freelancers.

Would I do it?

No way. There’s no protective moat around this business, and I don’t need arrows in my back.

Why Most Courses Suck


Q: Freud Vixamar net worth?

A: While I’m window shopping and heading to Subway to buy any footlong, get one 50% off, Freud’s copping supercars and savoring coconut shrimp with a view of the ocean. With nearly 500 students forking over $2k each, plus high-ticket done-for-you services, he’s gotta be worth seven figures by now.

Q: Got any dirt on Freud?

A: Digging through couch cushions on Reddit, BBB, and Trustpilot, I found a guy who dropped $60,000 on a YouTube channel through Faceless Freedom. He was promised payouts within five months. Nine months later, the channel has earned almost nothing, has few subscribers, and all videos but one have been removed. The investor accused Freud of copying Jordan Mackey’s Passive Channels course and suggested he get a real job – if he can stay outta jail, that is.

Q: Damn, he really cooked Freud, huh?

A: Cooked? He grilled Freud like the catch of the day, squeezed a lemon wedge over him, and ate him with tartar sauce.

Q: Is there an alternative side hustle you’d recommend?

A: Yeah, what I’m doing, which clearly works or you wouldn’t be reading this. Watch this video.