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Mason Doerr, with his blue eyes, baby face and curly hair, goes by Cardinal Mason online.

He went from serving Caesar salads to crying kids… and baked ziti to their pudgy parents… to millionaire at 24.

How? Freelance copywriting: writing marketing materials for other businesses.

And here’s the thing:

Mason wasn’t a natural-born entrepreneur. Never had a lemonade stand growing up. Never flipped candy on the playground. Never dreamed of making the big bucks.

Wasn’t exactly the hardest worker in the room, either. 

Fast forward to college. His buddies are starting internships, getting into med school. Mason? A lost pup.

Why Most Courses Suck

In December of 2018 he discovers freelance copywriting.

This could be:

  • Writing emails for ecom brands
  • Writing text messages for local businesses
  • Creating mailers for real estate agents
  • Blog posts, landing pages, sales pages

Copywriters do all that and more. A good copywriter can make their client a ton of money. Which means they can charge a lot.

$2,500/mo, for example.

At that rate, 4-5 clients and you’re making six figures a year as a copywriter.

And you can do it from your laptop, anywhere with WiFi, in just a few hours a week.

That was the sexiest thing Mason had ever heard.

So he tucked his boner into his waistband and spent the next six months immersing himself in the world of copy.

He learned what it was, how they get paid, how to actually do it.

He listened to podcasts. Watched YouTube videos. Read blogs. Any free content he could get his Cheeto-dusted fingers on.

Problem was, he was lazy. He knew copywriting could change his life but he was always learning, never doing.

Then The Year of No Handshakes happened.

Mason could no longer work for that Italian restaurant, so he had plenty of extra time.

He was only making $3k/mo at the restaurant. Hmm. Maybe he could replace that with copywriting. And never go back.

Worth a try.

He figured it would take him a good 6-8 months.

He figured wrong, making $4,500 in his first month. Shrugs shoulders.

Twelve months later, the man who goes by Cardinal had his first $20k month. Pumps shotgun.

But good for him, right? What about you?

I mean, isn’t copywriting saturated at this point?

Mason Rolex
Why Most Courses Suck

If you like limiting beliefs, sure, copywriting’s saturated. But abundant thinkers know better, Mason says.

They understand: you’re only one cold outreach away from your first client.

Now it becomes a volume game. More outreaches, more money.

It took Mason three weeks to get his first client, but the second client came two days after that.

Alright, but what if you can’t deliver?

Valid concern, Mason says. Imposter syndrome. Everyone struggles with it. Especially your aunt – the one with the lazy eye – who’s trying to be a life coach.

But just know this, Mason says. Once you kill it for that first client, you’re gonna fizz with confidence.

And it’ll show.

Clients 2, 3, 4, and 5 will come way easier.

$10,000/mo is right around the corner.

And unlike other side hustles, that’s all profit. You might have a domain name and hosting that you pay for yearly but that’s about it.

Another cool thing?

Freelance copywriting is your gateway to another dimension of success.

You’ll have the number one skill needed to grow a business, and you’ll be sitting on a pile of cash.

Parlay that into whatever comes next. Selling your own course or coaching program, for example.

That’s what Mason did with Copy MBA.

This plug-and-play system will help you write clear and concise, and get new clients on demand.

  • Learn the fundamentals and structures of compelling copy.
  • Tell engaging stories that pull readers from one line to the next.
  • Balance creativity and professionalism.
  • Sign top tier clients who stick around for the long term.
  • Charge thousands of dollars per month for your services.
  • Do it all without cold outreach (Mason’s found a better way).

Cost is $997.

Copy MBA reviews? Mason thought you’d never ask.

  • Alex hit $10,000/mo with freelance copywriting in just five months.
  • Kevin got to $31,000/mo in only eight months.
  • Mau reached $7,000/mo, quit his day job and started traveling the world.
  • KJ recently had his first $10k month.
  • Dusty closed a client for $10k – all up front.
  • Harvey landed a deal for $1,500/mo plus a 10% performance fee.

Well arrest me for jealousy and haul me away in handcuffs because I am guilty as charged.

But I’d still rather rank my words in Google and have money come to me. Tap below.

Why Most Courses Suck