Teach Music Online Review


Carly Walton has a three-step plan for you to build a highly profitable online music studio.

Carly went to Berklee College of Music in Boston where she studied piano music education.

After graduating, she got a job teaching music at a K-8th grade school in Cambridge. Awesome job, really fun, but also a lot of work for very little pay.

Just to make ends meet, after school got out, Carly would drive around Boston giving private piano lessons.

A year into it, she was donezo like a pizza in a hot oven.

Why Most Courses Suck

Here’s what she wanted:

  • To teach less but make more.
  • To utilize her creativity.
  • To be picky about who she was teaching.
  • And not hafta work multiple jobs.

So Carly moved back to Arizona, where she’s originally from, and opened up a piano studio there.

When two of her best students told her they were moving to Texas, Carly said, “Why don’t we try Skype lessons?”

This was way back in 2013 when people actually used Skype.

And their moms were like, “Sure, let’s try it.”

And, wouldn’t ya know, it actually worked.

“I was a little surprised because I had never done it before,” Carly admits. “But I was like, ‘I don’t wanna lose these students, and I wanna continue building this relationship with them, and I wanna continue teaching them.'”

“And, after that first virtual lesson, I knew this could solve all of my problems,” Carly remembers.

  • Teaching music online.
  • Having the flexibility.
  • Being able to keep her students no matter where they lived.
  • Not spending money on gas.
  • Not traveling all over the city.

It was marvelous. So Carly went full steam ahead.

Over the next two years, she moved each of her piano students to the internet.

Keep in mind, this was still only like 2015, 2016.

There weren’t any communities, courses or YouTubers telling you how to do this type of thing online.

Carly had to figure everything out herself. And that she did.

By 2017, she was a digital nomad, leaving her home behind to travel the world with her husband and newborn – all the while, her business never skipped a beat.

Carly Husband
Why Most Courses Suck

“I received so many questions about how I made online teaching work while traveling,” Carly explains.

“Teachers who knew me, students, friends I had back from Berklee – they wanted to know how I made online teaching such a fantastic solution.”

“In 2019, Teach Music Online was born,” Carly says.

“I created TMO pre-pandemic, knowing that online teaching would be a game changer for teachers around the world.”

“I also believed that it was the future of education.”

“I wanted to show other teachers the benefits; if anything, they could have it as a backup option.”

Obviously, when Rona hit, so many teachers desperately needed Carly’s course.

Her original curriculum covered how to teach online, tech setup, automation, billing, teaching methods, and online lesson assignments.

Over the years, though, it’s put on some weight.

Carly now covers everything from social media marketing, to creating your website, building funnels, launching your own courses, the whole nine.

Cost is $797 per year or $97 per month.

“It does not take a lot of time or money to build a thriving online music business,” Carly says.

“I’ll give you the exact formula and step-by-step plan so that you can confidently move forward towards doubling your teaching income, and even beyond that,” she promises.

“You’re gonna get so many ideas, yes, for marketing, for how to get new students, but also for moving beyond the 1-on-1 model.”

“With TMO, your dream studio has arrived,” she ends with.


Carly and her offer are all that and a shot of wheatgrass.

Why Most Courses Suck