Winners Circle Training Review


What’s a “sales intrapreneur” and can ya really make $8- to $20k per month – in three months or less – dong it remotely for other businesses?

Think: entrepreneur with training wheels, Sam Martin says.

And yes, you bet your sweet bippy you can. Even if you have no experience and can only work a few hours a day.

Imagine making that kinda cash with no financial risk and none of the headaches that come with running your own business.

Read on for my Winners Circle Training review.

Why Most Courses Suck

Mr. Samuel Martin here loves to dwell on the misery of mediocrity, reminding you how much commutes, cubicles, and crappy bosses suck.

You’re entitled to more cash and freedom, but with a sea of choices like dropshipping, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, agencies, real estate, stocks, and crypto?

It’s a bloody nightmare to decide which path to take or which guru to trust.

Not that it matters. Sam scoffs at all the above, calling those models futile, overly complex, time-sucking, wallet-draining – a recipe for failure.

“There’s simply no way to see a quick return on any of those options without working 80 to 100 hours a week,” Sam argues. “Or a minimum of one to two years.”

“Now, a long time ago, that would’ve been terrible news,” he continues.

“But I’m gonna show you why, today, it’s the best news you’ve ever heard.”

“Because thanks to this lucrative skill that’s in high demand, you now have a way to create that six-figure income you’ve been searching for. It’s pretty much the gold rush of the 21st century,” he says.

Sam apparently made $70k his first year doing it; and $364k the next.

Hey, not bad for a farm boy with no college degree or previous experience.

Obviously, the skill he keeps alluding to and being annoyingly vague about is nothing more than high-ticket phone sales on behalf of gurus. Right?

Convince someone to join their $5,000 course or $8,500 coaching program – or whatever it may be – earn a 10-15% commission, and do it all over again.

You’re helping ’em with their most profitable problem, and sharing in the upside.

Winners Circle Training LLC
Why Most Courses Suck

If you can make these gurus a few extra million a year, they’ll be ecstatic to cut you that weekly commission check, won’t they?

Plus, you can work from anywhere and always be sought after.

Best of all, you can kiss your financial worries goodbye.

So how does one start? Sam boils it down to three simple steps.

  1. Learn the art of selling high-priced programs over the phone.
  2. Seek out a company that already has a successful high-ticket program and offer your services as a remote salesperson.
  3. Utilize tools and systems to achieve more with less.

And guess what?

Winners Circle Training has you covered like a warm hug on a cold winter night.

“Because if you try to learn this skillset alone,” Sam warns, “it’s gonna cost you tens of thousands of dollars.”

“And it could waste months or even years of your time,” he adds.

“Even if you learned the sales part on your own, finding the right company with the right opening is time-consuming and difficult.”

“Even if you find them, you won’t know how to position yourself to get them to hire you. As you can imagine, they don’t just take anyone for these amazing positions. You could end up doing 20, 30, 40 interviews before ever getting an offer.”

“And even if you’re a total genius and somehow you make it through learning this brand new skill and then landing one of these highly sought-after positions all by yourself, you’ll be scrambling to learn the new role and figure everything out on the fly.”

“Most importantly, you won’t have a feedback loop or anyone to turn to for support and to ask questions.”

“So that’s why I decided to launch 6 Figure School Remote.”

“Not only will I teach you everything but I’ll help you land your first opportunity,” Sam finishes with.

Of course, he conveniently leaves out the cost – because who needs respect for your time?


I’d rather untangle a thousand necklaces than be on the phone all day. That’s just me though.

Why Most Courses Suck