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Chelsea Ouimet went from MLM to MLM to MLM, to boutique clothing, back to network marketing, did a little social media marketing, then got into affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is the first thing that made her big money.

Before that, life was happening, debt was building.

She and her husband had just had their third kid, moved from New York to South Carolina, put their oldest in a private school they couldn’t really afford.

Then Chelsea sees this 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge thingamajig. It only cost $7, so what the hell, right?

Why Most Courses Suck

She buys it, overthinks it, does nothing with it for months and months and months.

But she sees other people doing it and making money. Why not her? What was she so scared of?

Eventually Chelsea and bae reach their limit.

All they ever talk about is their financial struggles, she’s in tears several nights a week, their marriage is on the fritz, he’s working 50+ hours a week as an electrician and then coming home at night trying to start a side hustle.

Enough was enough.

Chelsea decided it was time for her to step up and figure something out.

So she does the Challenge, messes most of it up. Her emails weren’t getting delivered, nobody was receiving her eBook, her funnel was all jacked.

Just about gave up. Didn’t.

Adapted. Kept going. Made her first commission. Kept going. Made another commission. Kept going. Made more commissions. A lot more.

It was a lot of manifesting, Chelsea says, a lot of mindset work.

You have to be all-in, she realized. You can’t have a plan B. You can’t go, oh, if this doesn’t work I’ll just go back to my job.

Easier said than done, though, right?

To believe it’s gonna work when nothing else has. To know that you’re posting three videos a day to Instagram, religiously, week after week, and your affiliate dashboard, no matter how many times you refresh it, shows a big goose egg for commissions earned.

But then that first one comes in, and that changes everything, Chelsea laughs.

Affiliate Chelsea
Why Most Courses Suck

Life is so much lighter for their family these days.

There’s no stress over how they’re gonna pay the bills, or, can we even afford to take the kids to go do this thing? Chelsea’s husband’s super grateful. Might even quit his job and be a stay-at-home dad.

In an Instagram post, Chelsea shared, “I’m telling you that there’s a way for ordinary people to make thousands of dollars a day from their phones, working only two hours a day, promoting products you didn’t create, using a two-page website and done-for-you emails.”

“As a complete beginner,” she continued, “it’s now made me $2,028,304.53 in six months.”

“You don’t have to be clocking in and out of a job you don’t love, missing out on time and memories with your family.”

“There’s a better way. Digital marketing.”

“A simple skill anyone can learn. You promote products you love and make a commission when someone purchases from your special link,” Chelsea explained.

Ya know what? I like this chick. Great story, inspiring stuff.

However. She’s making all this money through a company called Legendary Marketer.

It’s run by a guy named David Sharpe.

David is an ex heroin addict. He cofounded Empower Network back in the day. Everyone thought it was a pyramid scheme that, fortunately for its founders, went bankrupt before the FTC intervened.

Legendary Marketer is awfully similar to Empower Network, so you do the math.

It’s ridiculous:

  1. Chelsea fakes it till she makes it on social media.
  2. Her followers assume she’s already rich and free and happy.
  3. She’s not.
  4. But they don’t know any better, and they want that life, too.
  5. No sweat, she tells ’em, click my affiliate link.
  6. Buy the same $7 Business Builder Challenge I bought, she says.
  7. So they do.
  8. But now they need to buy $2,500 product after $2,500 product after $2,500 product.
  9. Why? Because you can’t earn commissions on those products unless you buy them first.
  10. Which, Chelsea had. So now she really is getting rich.
  11. But how many of her enrollees are?
  12. How many “mommypreneurs” can fake it till they make it on the back of Legendary Marketer before it gets saturated or shut down by the FTC?
  13. And why are 71% of the Trustpilot reviews only 1 star?
  14. And why are there 22 complaints on the Better Business Bureau?

Unfortunately for Chelsea, what goes up fast comes down fast.

And now she’s drug a bunch of her friends and family into this unethical, unsustainable, train wreck of a biz opp.

Homegirl’s gonna have some awkward conversations come Christmastime.

Why Most Courses Suck