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Paulo Flores has skin softer than the leather seats in a Rolls Royce. Would love to know what his daily routine is. I bet he drinks lots of water and uses a good exfoliator. 

Anyways. He’ll help you transition from the 9-5 grind to earning $5- to $10k per month from home in the next three to six months.

All by learning this one in-demand skill. 

No previous experience needed. You don’t have to run your own business. And you can do this even if English isn’t your native language.

Interested? Then read on for my Remote Leaders review. 

Why Most Courses Suck

As you might’ve guessed, the skill he’s talking about is remote closing.

Or high-ticket closing. Or inbound closing, depending on which guru you’re listening to.

A new-ish online profession that’s highly demanded because of the exploding e-learning industry.

Three years ago Paulo was sweating out nine-hour shifts in the kitchen as a cook assistant. Burns and cuts and going home to his girlfriend smelling like fried chicken.

He was exhausted and depressed.

What’ll my life look like in 20 years if nothing changes, he wondered.

So he made a promise to himself: I’m gonna transform my life or die trying.

He spent the next two years attempting to build an online business from scratch. He pursued multiple models and ventures with little to no success.

Paulo was lost and about to give up when he stumbled across remote closing. All these guys were making really good money with it, and they didn’t have to run the business.

He did his research, studied everything, and it made total sense.

Just one problem. He needed guidance.

So he borrowed $6,000 from his girlfriend and hired a mentor.

  • A coupla months later, Paulo had made $5,129 in commissions.
  • The next month, $7,000.
  • The next, $7,004.
  • Then $8,040.
  • Then $11,035.
  • All the way up to $19,000 in a month.
  • And he never made less than $10,000 a month after that.

There’s nothing special about Paulo. He’s no different than you.

Who knows, maybe his starting hand was even worse than yours. A shy introvert who spoke English as a second language.

But he refused to settle for mediocrity.

And you don’t have to either.

You can learn remote sales, land a position, make your first commission… and then many more.

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Why Most Courses Suck

A few Remote Leaders reviews:

  • Matej got certified by and recently secured his first remote closing gig.
  • Craig was insecure about being an introvert and having a monotone voice, but he joined anyway. Now that he’s completed the training, the glass looks half full.
  • Joey enrolled and crossed $5k in commissions his first month taking calls.

The alternative education industry needs more closers.

New courses, coaching programs and masterminds are launching every day. The experts behind them are busy creating content, building funnels, marketing, advertising, hiring and training staff, serving clients, and a million other things.

They have no interest in taking their own sales calls, and wouldn’t have the time or bandwidth even if they did.

And that’s where you come in.

Most of these programs cost $2,000 or more. Many are $5k and up. Some, $10k+.

Imagine getting paid 15% on every person you enroll.

A sale a day could be worth hundreds, even $1,000 plus in your pocket. And you have zero expenses. Zero stress because your work is done.

And speaking of work, you pick the days and hours you wanna take calls. Which you can do from anywhere in the world.

This is what a career in remote closing could look like, Paulo says.

And I don’t disagree.

If everything goes according to plan, it’s a great way to replace your day job and have a little more freedom in your life.

But it’s all about selling for the right company.

Or else you won’t have enough leads. Or they won’t show up to the call. Or they won’t wanna buy. The price is too high or they need to sleep on it. Or they want a refund a week after signing up.

The list goes on.

At least Remote Leaders guarantees you a placement though.

As for cost? Like the words “I love you” from my parents, Paulo doesn’t say.

Why Most Courses Suck


Q: What’s Paulo’s net worth?

A: Well, he says he’s done over $4 million in sales. At 15% commission, that’s $600k in personal income. Plus whatever he’s made from the 150+ students who’ve already enrolled in Remote Leaders coaching. So, I dunno, maybe around a mill after taxes and living life? You’d hafta ask him.

Q: Any tea been spilt on Reddit or the BBB about this guy?

A: Other than someone begging for a free copy of his course, nope, dude’s cleaner than a hospital floor.

Q: Would you do remote closing?

A: Me? I’d rather share my bed with that inbred mongoloid you call a girlfriend than do sales calls all day.

Q: Alright, smarty, so how do you make money?

A: You’re looking at it. I rank content in Google and let the money come to me. This video explains it.

Q: What’s the latest with Paulo?

A: More of the same. As of July 2024, he’s still posting Hormozi-like content with that cool earring that dangles down, encouraging everybody to go to and book a strategy session.