Dan Dasilva Reviews

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Dan Dasilva’s one of those gurus who sniffs out a hot online money-making trend, learns the basics, and then peddles a course or software – or, in this case, an AI trading bot – to cash in.

He rakes in millions while you sob uncontrollably in the bathroom. 

This guy is a modern-day Renaissance man, dabbling in everything from Shopify to affiliate marketing, forex to ChatGPT.

What’s next, space travel? Perhaps.

But for now, the Weerk Capital founder wants to talk about “AI gains.”

Why Most Courses Suck

“So I’m generating a few hundred dollars every single day,” Dan says in a new Facebook ad he’s running through his Uprise AI page.

“The reason being is because I’m using AI bots to do everything for me, 100% hands-off,” he continues.

“These AI bots have no emotions and are faster than humans. As a matter of fact, think 359%+ annually.”

“And unlike real estate or the stock market, you don’t need a lot of capital to really get up and running here.”

“But these AI bots are running 24/7, around the clock.”

I just rolled my eyes so hard I can feel a headache coming.

“Again, let me reiterate: this is entirely automated. That’s the whole point here,” Dan adds.

“Now, one of the AI algorithms that we’ve been using for 100 days straight (as of today), has gone ahead and it’s almost doubled our money,” he brags.

“It’s a total return of 94.36%.”

“This is incredible considering this compounds on itself month in and month out.”

“The results speak for themselves.”

Wanna put these AI trading bots to work for you?

Go buy Dan’s AI Bot Mastery program for however many thousands he’s charging.

“Invest like the 1% with AI algorithm trading technology,” Dan writes in his Weerk Capital private Telegram community.

Hmm. It’s like Dan has commitment issues with business ventures, always jumping from one to the next like a grasshopper you’re trying to kill out in the garage.

And you know what they say: jack of all trades, master of none.

Plus, if these AI trading bots were really as magical as he claims, wouldn’t we all be millionaires by now?

Why Most Courses Suck

But Dan’s pitch is like a bulldozer, crushing all your objections and leaving you buried in a pile of marketing jargon.

“The reason why institutions and hedge funds typically outperform retail investors,” Dan explains, “is because of one simple thing.”

“And that thing, if I haven’t already made it abundantly clear? Is emotion,” he says.

“They remove it from the equation completely.”

“They do this by pre-programming artificial intelligent algorithms that execute based on certain data inputs.”

“That’s exactly what we have built as well.”

“It’s a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm that goes ahead, and on average, every single month, we’ll hit around 12.21% ROI, and daily of 0.38%.”

“Now, nothing crazy, right? But it’s sustainable,” he points out.

“And just for the record, this has been running for well over two years at this point.”

And just like that, Dan’s pitch grinds to a halt.

Pop quiz:

What has two thumbs and won’t be grabbing Dan’s AI Bot Mastery course?

You guessed it – yours truly.

Sure, bots eliminate human biases and emotions.

But let me get this straight, we’re supposed to trust some tatted-up dude from the internet who claims he programmed the perfect trading bot?

What happens when the damn thing malfunctions and you end up losing money? Oops!

And let’s not forget, these bots rely on historical data, right?

What if another “black swan” event occurs and renders all that data irrelevant?

Face it, there’s no unicorn system that can guarantee trading profits. The only one guaranteed to win here? Is Dan Dasilva.

Why Most Courses Suck