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Mike AirPods

Mike Brusca looks like he shot this video about a million years before Christ. Can somebody get this guy a new webcam?

Also, did the Grateful Dead have a garage sale I didn’t hear about?

Mike and his brother Joe have been trying to make money online since 2014. 

They’ve done every side hustle you can think of. Amazon FBA, Kindle publishing, niche blogging, land investing.

Most of it ended in a towering mound of disappointment, but not all.

They claim to have made over $30 million in revenue from dropshipping, despite resembling dudes you’d see on the public bus headed to Taco Bell for lunch.

Read on for my Build Assets Online review.

Why Most Courses Suck

The Brusca brothers have a high ticket dropshipping coaching program that guarantees you’ll be profitable with the first $1,000 you spend using their methods.

If not, they’ll refund you the difference on your ad spend.

How can they make such a generous offer?

Because they’ll be working with you directly to generate three key results, Mike says, copying a pitch I’ve heard a thousand times before.


  1. They’ll help you pick a profitable niche and domain name.
  2. Then build a website that attracts home run suppliers.
  3. Then launch a Google ads system that brings in customers willing to spend thousands of dollars with your store.

With low ticket dropshipping, you can’t afford to run paid ads.

Even with high ticket dropshipping, Joe and Mike couldn’t get Facebook ads to work. They were constantly testing new target audiences, refreshing ad creatives and dodging account bans.

One day they were profitable, the next they weren’t.

Switching to Google ads steadied their ROI like a stiff drink steadies a shaky hand.

Now they were building assets they could count on month after month. Not only that but assets they could sell years down the road.

Mike and Joe have had dozens of Shopify dropshipping stores that have sold thousands of different products.

Hundreds of students have already enrolled in their coaching program.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, advanced dropshipper or somewhere in between – doesn’t matter, Mike says.

Their approach works for anyone, anywhere, with any background.

Mike Wild Background
Why Most Courses Suck

Just check out these Build Assets Online reviews:

  • Granger sold $135,000 worth of product in a single day.
  • Zack exited his store for mid six figures.
  • Hurley did over $20,000 in profit in his first three months.
  • Vahn has done $1.3 million in revenue so far, all while working less than four hours a week.
  • And Matt turned his first $50 in ad spend into $5,203.80 in new orders.

Mike and Joe reportedly charge $5,000 for this 1-on-1 coaching program.

They’re confident you’ll make that back in no time thanks to their HIT Google Ads Funneling System.

HIT stands for High Intent Traffic.

So, for example, you’re getting in front of someone who’s at home on their computer Googling “freestanding bathtub with jets.”

And they click your little ad and get taken to a page on your site that sells that exact product, right?

Makes sense that that would covert better than a generic “spray and pray” campaign over on Facebook or Instagram, doesn’t it?

And remember, bathtubs are just one of millions of different high dollar items people are searching for and purchasing on the internet every single day.

Google even tells you the number of searches each product gets.

So once you know your conversion rate, you can practically predict how much you’ll make each month.

I’m nodding my head in agreement with most of this.

The model does seem solid.

But how easy is it to find reputable domestic suppliers who’ll agree to cut you in on their business?

Because it all hinges on that.

And I could see you getting denied like a gaunt teenage boy with pointy elbows and bad acne, asking a prom queen out.

Why Most Courses Suck


Q: What’s Reddit say about the Brusca bros.?

A: Somehow they’ve dodged that bullet like Neo in The Matrix. Someone even asked, “Yo, any reviews of Build Assets Online?” Another person chimed in, “Yeah, this would be helpful.” But nope. Crickets.

Q: What about Trustpilot?

A: Just a single five-star review from nearly three years ago, praising their “great website.”

Q: What other types of digital assets are there?

A: Social media pages, blogs, lead gen websites, YouTube channels, podcasts – the list goes on.

Q: What’s your personal favorite?

A: Mine? Aww, that’s so cute of you to ask. I wanna dress you up like a little puppy and set you on my lap. Watch this short video for the answer.