Exotic Car Blueprint Review


Branden Condy: if trying too hard was a person, am I right? Is this guy wearing eyeliner? 

Spencer Cornelia, a YouTuber who exposes fake gurus, called Branden out for:

  • His questionable backstory (homeless to millionaire in like six months).
  • Paying for positive press on sites like Daily Mail and Disrupt Magazine.
  • Using misleading marketing to sell outrageously priced done-for-you ecom stores (some of which got banned by Amazon and made no money for his clients).
  • Getting accused of domestic violence by his ex.
  • Trying to get Spencer’s Instagram account shut down in retaliation.
Why Most Courses Suck

To which Branden basically responded:

  • Yes I’ve paid to build my brand.
  • Yes I’ve had some unhappy clients but I’ve made it right with them.
  • I do make the money I say I do.
  • The ex thing was overblown.
  • And no, I’m not that petty, Spencer.

Truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

But if the scale runs from “used car salesman” to “email from a Nigerian prince,” that’s not saying much.

Take a scroll through Branden’s Instagram: it’s like watching a Rick Ross garage sale. Supercars, chicklet teeth, neck tats, and more bling than a pawn shop’s clearance bin.

And what’s with the fur coats and shady characters in dimly lit parking garages? Just picture a mobster mixer where the dress code is “sinister chic.”

Anyways. Branden pivoted from ecom automation to exotic car automation.

Initially, he was offering two different packages you could choose from:

  1. $30,000 buy in, 50/50 split
  2. $50,000 buy in, 60/40 split

Where you were paying them to run and manage everything on your behalf; and it sounded like you’d be leasing an exotic from them as well.

ROI would depend on the whip, year, color, mileage, condition, your credit history, how much money you put down, seasonality, etc.

Branden’s first client went with a baby blue Lamborghini Urus.

  • Rents for about $1,500 a day.
  • Might go out five days a month.
  • So that’s $7,500 a month.

But by the time he makes his lease payment to Branden at 16% interest, I mean, there goes a huge chunk of that.

Not to mention the hole he started out in: 20% down payment, first month’s payment, dealer fees, the $30k or $50k management fee, and sky-high insurance, right?

Pinnacle Auto Leasing
Why Most Courses Suck

Now Branden seems to be moving away from the done-for-you model altogether.

These days, he funnels his fanboys to Exotic Car Blueprint, a course he sells alongside “Mr. MVP, Matt, the OG in the game.”

Their ECB Class is positioned as “your ultimate roadmap to launching a profitable car rental business.”

And no, it’s not about getting a Chevy Malibu and listing it on Turo.

It’s about building a fleet of Porsches, Rolls, G-Wagons, Ferraris, Lambos, McLarens – whatever you’re into – and launching your own exotic car rental business.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A do-this-then-this blueprint that takes you from drafting a business plan to grand opening and beyond.
  • Insights sourced from industry experts you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Personalized guidance to pinpoint a niche and carry out your vision.
  • Help putting together a lineup of unique, luxury vehicles the competition doesn’t have.
  • Networking with guys who rock colorful Nikes and ripped skinny jeans, and have tried jiu jitsu long enough to snap a selfie in a gi beside a cauliflower-eared instructor to prove they’re “hard af bro.”
  • Software to simplify operations.
  • An affiliate program that opens up additional income streams.
  • Plus lifetime access to all content with updates and new modules added frequently to keep you on the cutting edge.

How much does Exotic Car Blueprint cost?

Must be expensive because they go out of their way to keep the price hidden until you’re on a sales call.

Either way, mixing fast cars with fragile egos might not be the best business model.

I could see some coked up douche wrapping my cherry-red Rari around a palm tree in Skyami.

Between the deductible and getting dropped by the insurance, any profits vanish and the business is left gasping for air.

I could be wrong. But it’s not worth the risk to find out.

Why Most Courses Suck