Dream Car Secrets Review


Ratiq DeWitt checks his calendar and sees 365 days of Christmas. He can help you buy the luxury or exotic car you want without ever stepping foot in a dealership.

Say goodbye to long waits, limited local inventory, and complicated paperwork. 

Ratiq has sourced and negotiated over $2 million in high-end whips this year alone. His clients are investors, entrepreneurs, and high-income earners. 

Ratiq says there are four big mistakes people make when buying such cars themselves.

Read on for my review. 

Why Most Courses Suck

Mistake #1: terrible financing deals.

Financing an exotic or luxury car is different than financing a car that’s under $50,000. It’s night and day.

The average person doesn’t know that.

So you go to a Porsche dealer, for example. Tell the sales guy you’re interested in the 911 Turbo S. Sales guy has you fill out a sheet so they can run your credit and then hand it over to finance.

Finance department shops you around to different banks. Comes back with different options, terms, down payments, interest, and whatnot.

The dealer doesn’t just make money when you purchase the car, but on the financing as well.

Ratiq flips the script.

He gets his clients pre-approved before going to a dealership. Then he tells the dealer: if you can beat these terms, we’ll finance through you. In doing so, he plays the lenders against each other.

Mistake #2: overpaying for the car.

Not knowing what the vehicle is truly worth.

It’s important to analyze the past and current market value for the car you’re considering. Something you can do on CarGurus for free.

Mistake #3: buying problem cars.

Why, because they’re not getting ’em properly inspected.

It’s critical to get a pre-purchase inspection done by a reputable third-party before you pull the trigger.

Mistake #4: wasting precious time.

Opportunity cost, basically.

If you’re not an expert car buyer, wouldn’t you be better off paying someone who is? While they do your dirty work, you can focus on making money, still come out ahead, and not have any of the stress.

ADR Financial Group
Why Most Courses Suck

Enter Ratiq’s company, Dream Car Secrets.

Their vision is simple. They wanna:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Save you stress

For an overall amazing car buying experience, right? You’ll be riding around in something exclusive before you know it.

One of Ratiq’s clients is Beni Fwelo, a multifamily real estate investor. They recently got Beni a gray Ferrari with peanut butter interior.

Jack McColl is another client. Jack is the founder of Credit Stacking, which teaches you how to access 0% interest business capital. Ratiq and his team helped Jack get a cream-colored Mercedes SUV. Not the G-Wagon, the uglier one. But I’m sure it’s nice on the inside.

Will Rivera’s another. He’s an entrepreneur in the ecom space. They picked him up an icy white 2020 Lamborghini Evo.

For Carter, a tax specialist, they copped a metallic blue Urus that changes colors under the sunlight.

And Ratiq’s owned a handful of exotics himself. He walks his talk, usually in Yeezys.

Dream Car Secrets can do it all. Financing, analyzing, searching, negotiating, pre-purchase inspection, closing, even shipping the vehicle right to your doorstep.

In order to work with them, you have to be making at least six figures and have a credit score of 650 or better. Anything less than that, they can’t help you.

They only accept 10 new clients per month.

The cost wasn’t specified, but it’s likely irrelevant for now.

Why? Because a rival course, Exotic Car Hacks, sued Ratiq for allegedly stealing their intellectual property.

Ratiq has to pay $250,000 in a settlement and is prohibited from selling car hacking education for two years.

Why Most Courses Suck


Q: What’s Ratiq’s net worth?

A: Somewhere between “baller on a budget” and “bankrolls three sugar babies, plus his dog wears designer.” I dunno, bro, ask Ratiq.

Q: Any dirt on Reddit or the Better Business Bureau about Ratiq or his program?

A: Nothing on Reddit, but his old credit repair company, ADR Financial Group, is sitting pretty with an A+ rating and only one complaint on the triple-B in the last three years.

Q: What is most people’s dream car?

A: Depends on personal taste and budget, but popular picks are generally Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches, McLarens, Aston Martins, Maybachs, and G-Wagons. (Teslas and Corvettes for the brokies.)

Q: How to afford the car of your dreams?

A: Do what I just did. Write stuff, rank it in Google, get paid passively, repeat. Watch this video to see how it’s done.

Q: What’s new with Ratiq?

A: As of July 2024, Ratiq still Ratiq-ing. He just took a trip to New York and continues posting about Dream Car Secrets and his latest project, The Business Credit Blueprint, on Instagram.