Stock Navigators Review


Tim Luong and his dad, Tom, use something called Echo Mapping to spot winning investments before they blast off.

Tom escaped Vietnam, came to America without a penny to his name, couldn’t speak a lick of English, never worked on Wall Street, and now makes over $1 million a year with this strategy.

Oh, and he trades less than three hours a day.

Tom’s a certified gangster of the highest order. No question about it, he’s Mr. I Be On That Block.¬†

But if this father-son duo’s so good at trading, why do they need¬†your money?

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Why Most Courses Suck

Alright, what even is Echo Mapping… and can it work for you?

“Well,” Tim says, “I was my dad’s very first student. And I’m not good at math. I’m not some genius or tech whiz.”

“But what he taught me has helped me earn multi six figures in the markets,” Tim continues.

“And it’s not just me. We’ve been able to help thousands of students – most of whom had no trading knowledge – become better, smarter traders.”

“Even if you’re a complete beginner, we can show you how to build true wealth in the stock market,” he promises.

The old way to invest?

Buy big name stocks like Apple and Amazon and hold ’em for decades.

Too slow, too dangerous, Tim claims.

And don’t even get him started on the S&P 500 or Cathie Wood’s ARK ETFs. Or trying to perfectly time some stupid meme coin.

There’s a better way.

And it doesn’t take a fat bankroll or high-risk moves – and y’ain’t gotta be freakin’ Good Will Hunting, crunching numbers all day, in order to cash in.

Even with the economy circling the drain, the Luongs continue to post profits month after month.

“Still, it’s not easy,” Tim admits.

“You have to be using the right strategy and have the right mentor,” he points out.

“My dad spent $130,000 on his education; and still, nobody showed him a way to make money consistently.”

Okay, so how’d he break through? What changed?

The secret was a trading strategy that he invented called Echo Mapping.

This new way of investing will help you:

  • Understand the markets clearly.
  • Know exactly when to enter a trade.
  • And when to take profits.
  • And how to spot an abundance of opportunities to make money.

Said every trading guru ever, right?

Tom Day Trading
Why Most Courses Suck

So, again, why not just keep this to yourself? If you’re rolling in the dough, why bother spreading the love?

Tim basically begged his father to – is the short answer.

So they put on an in-person workshop… and like five people attended. They actually lost money on the deal.

But Tom realized how good it felt helping others and one thing led to another and blah blah blah, now here we are.

Stock Navigators has thousands of students from all walks of life, from just about every corner of the globe.

Echo Mapping (which they never really explain) works with regular stocks, with options, and with crypto.

You can day trade or swing trade.

Honestly, though?

When Tim whipped out his trading account and dove into finding trends within trends, spewing candlestick mumbo-jumbo… timeframe this, confirmation that… higher highs, lower lows?

My brain turned to tapioca.

Hard to believe that the average Joe – with zero trading experience – could learn this stuff in a few hours a week, like they want you to believe.

And let’s not forget, several studies have shown that roughly 80-90% of short-term traders end up losing money over time.

How different is that from gambling in a casino, where playing long enough inevitably results in the house taking all your cash?

Other reviews say Stock Navigators will cost you $7,000.

Here’s where I’m at with this.

Sure, Tom’s story’s compelling, and Tim might be a stand-up guy, but I need better odds and more control. Like what’s on the other side of that button below.

Why Most Courses Suck