D2D Experts Reviews

Sam Green Background

Sam Taggart runs D2D Experts. They help door-to-door salespeople grow, lead and recruit.

Whether it’s solar, roofing, pest control, alarms, windows, or whatever else. 

Sam started in door-to-door sales at 11, offering to spray paint house numbers on curbs.

Sam’s Mormon and lives in Utah, so it makes total sense. 

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say his family’s participated in an MLM or two over the years as well.

But anyways. Sales isn’t complicated, Sam says. 

Why Most Courses Suck

You bring a product of value to a customer, you transact, you get paid, you go out and do it again.

For any business, sales is the most coveted skill. It brings in all the revenue. That’s why salespeople have the highest earning potential.

D2DExperts is here to maximize that potential in you.

They’ve trained 20,000+ students already. Instead of getting shooed away and cussed out and told no, these students are now ringing the damn bell.

Deal. Deal. Deal.

Slurping up commissions like a juicy peach, they are.

The top guys are making over $1 million a year.

D2D Experts will help you find the right company and the right pay. Then they’ll provide the right training to put you on that same trajectory.

D2D University is their flagship program. It’s got hundreds of hours of industry-specific content on topics such as:

  • Door Approach: hidden camera footage so you can see exactly how top performers get down.
  • Objections: all the comebacks you need to grind their excuses into dust.
  • Presenting: frameworks to follow for certain personality types and situations.
  • Closing: stop getting jerked around. Start collecting signatures and credit cards like the Chad you are.
  • Recruiting: finding, signing and onboarding other Chads.
  • Leadership: dial in your training, culture and pay structure. Whip your company back into shape.

Cost of D2D University?

Hidden like a sugar baby who gets put up in a nice apartment. A weekly allowance even. But wifey can’t know or she’ll go full Lorena Bobbitt.

Which means it’s probably pretty expensive.

Why Most Courses Suck

What else does D2D Experts sell?

A better question is what don’t they sell? They’ve got:

  • A mastermind called The League
  • A community called The Circle
  • 1-on-1 D2D coaching and consulting
  • A D2D Experts Partner (aka reseller) program
  • Door-to-door sponsorship opportunities
  • All kinds of bootcamps and summits and live events

More options than a menu at Cheesecake Factory, huh? It’s like they held Grant Cardone upside down and shook all the schemes outta him.

As for their target market? I’d say: dudes with fresh fades, cool beards and tasteful tattoos. Must drink Muscle Milk, drive a BMW, and say things like “your network is your net worth” unironically.

Extra credit if your dad left you at an early age.

Why? Because you’ll seek connection with other sales bros. You’ll want validation from Sam. So you’ll max out your credit card to attend the Ultimate Sales Bootcamp in Sandy, Utah.

A small price to pay to patch that hole in your heart.

Sorry. I’m grumpy ’cause Starbucks put sweetener in my cold brew. Didn’t realize it till I got home.

Now I have to choke down what tastes like toilet water from Taco Bell just to get my caffeine fix.

But yeah.

There’s loads of guys (and even a few gals) saying positive things in their D2D Experts reviews.

For example, Skip, who sells solar. He got on video and said Door-to-Door University was the best investment he’s ever made.

Good for Skip. Personally, I’d rather be celibate until I die than do door-to-door.

Have none of these folks heard of the internet?

Tap below.

Why Most Courses Suck


Q: Who is the CEO of D2D Experts?

A: Like dying of old age or showing her your O-face at the end of sex, it was inevitable you’d scroll straight to the bottom. For the twentieth time, it’s Sam Taggart.

Q: What’s his net worth?

A: A, you’re incredibly nosy. B through Z, nobody knows but Sam. But I’m guessing his son won’t get the belt if he orders a Royal Rumble pay-per-view without permission like I did once when I was a kid.

Q: What is the Golden Door in D2D?

A: I think that’s when R. Kelly pees on you? Wait, no. Sorry, I thought you said shower. The Golden Door is an award they give to those who crush their sales goals and achieve top-tier success.

Q: What’s the right door-to-door mentality?

A: It’s someone who’s well-prepared, high-energy, relentlessly optimistic, and charming, with almost delusional levels of confidence and skin thicker than a triceratops. Which isn’t me. If someone cursed me out and slammed the door in my face, I’d spend the rest of the day crying in my Corolla.

Q: What’s the latest with D2D Experts?

A: They’re aggressively pushing D2D Con 8, a live event held January 7-9, 2025, at the Salt Palace Convention Center. It features speakers, workshops and the best people “to unify, uplevel and bring honor and integrity to direct sales.” Regular tickets will set you back $400; and if you wanna feel extra special, VIP tickets are $1,399.

Q: How do you make money?

A: I rank articles like this in Google and then forward the leads to local businesses who happily pay me thousands per month. This video breaks it all down.