Write Your Way To Freedom Review

Simply Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner pushes her copywriting course harder than a street corner mixtape. 

It’s called Write Your Way To Freedom.

She tears your ass off and turns your butthole inside out with what she charges for it. 

Cost is apparently $5,800!

With nearly 6,000 students enrolled, that means Sarah’s made about $35 million peddling this thing.

No way she still practices what she preaches.

And I guess that’s okay, as long as WYWTF members are winning. But are they? Especially as ChatGPT redefines writing?

Well glug down a Monster, shove some cotton in your ears and stand still – I’m about to power slap you with the truth.

Why Most Courses Suck

You see, Sarah talks a big game.

She claims you can make six figures a year working part time as a freelance writer. No degree or experience needed.

And yet, brands that you love will pay you top dollar for your writing.

Copywriting’s needed across all industries, says Sarah. So whatever it is that you’re passionate about, you can launch a lucrative remote writing career in that space.

Whether it’s:

  • Dogs
  • Ecom
  • Beauty
  • Parenting
  • Financial services
  • Health and wellness

Literally, it could be anything.

Is it just me, or does Sarah seem like the type of mom who delicately trims the crust off PB&Js, yet would totally be down to get wrecked on box wine and edibles once the coast is clear?

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yeah, once you’ve snagged your niche, the best part? Handpicking clients you adore while ditching projects that drain you.

Plus, you can write anytime, anywhere – prioritize family, friends, hobbies, and travel.

What will you write? Whatever you want:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Sales pages
  • Video scripts
  • Product descriptions

As you wish, Trish.

Okay, but what if your pen game’s weaker than a decaf latte?

You’re overthinking it, Sarah says. Copywriting is just getting people to act. Have you ever coaxed a friend to come pick you up over text?

Then congrats, you’re qualified.

Believe it or not, copywriting is supposed to be conversational. You don’t need perfect grammar or spelling.

So, seriously: loosen up, trailblazer, you’re headed for glory, Sarah assures with a wink.

But how’ll you learn the basics of copywriting? Land clients? Set prices? And what about saturation? Artificial intelligence? Huh, Sare bear?

Scroll down.

Sarah Sand Dune
Why Most Courses Suck

How to learn copywriting quickly?

Go to places like Swiped.co and hand copy those examples, Sarah recommends. You’ll be writing like the legends before grandpa nods off in his recliner.

What to write first?

Blogs, Sarah says. They’re easy pickings, stress-free.

Charge $200 each.

Whip up one a day? Boom, that’s $6k a month.

From there, bump your rates or dive into pricier projects like emails at $500 a shot.

Then bang out an eBook for $5,000 or a white paper for $8,000.

Keep climbing. The summit is sales pages, which could net you anywhere from $10k to $100k+, all based on the ROI they generate for the business owner.

Or maybe you decide emails are your sweet spot, and that’s all you wanna do. Hey, you’re the DJ, babe; we’re just sweaty bodies looking for a beat.

How to get your first client?

Network, cold outreach, the usual.

What about AI? Won’t GPT-4 wolf down your lunch while you quiver in the corner?

That’s a myth, Sarah counters.

ChatGPT isn’t the villain in this narrative; it’s the sidekick we didn’t know we needed.

Leverage it for researching, brainstorming, and editing. It can refine and accelerate your writing process.

By integrating this tool, you’re not just keeping pace, you’re setting the speed.

Write Your Way To Freedom reviews?

Put it this way: the chicks who’ve taken this course act like it’s as desirable as off-menu Starbucks drinks, Chanel bags, and dangerous sex.

Would I buy?

No. I’d get behind the wheel of a white Jeep Wrangler and drive it off a cliff before I would answer to clients.

Why Most Courses Suck


Q: Sarah Turner net worth?

A: Even after taxes, payroll, ad spend, and cost of living, it’s gotta be up there. What do you think? $10 milli? $15? Probably enough to retire and move to Florida among all the crazies and their bath salts.

Q: Write Your Way To Freedom pyramid scheme?

A: Sarah has affiliates promoting her course for a commission, but that’s as common as Doritos and dirt bikes in the South. Unlike a pyramid scheme, affiliates are paid based on their own sales, not for recruiting more affiliates.

Q: Any complaints on Reddit, Trustpilot, or the BBB?

A: On Reddit, yes. The general consensus is that it’s overpriced at best and a scam at worst. However, these opinions are largely from people who haven’t taken the course. Other gripes include Sarah being a mediocre medical copywriter herself, leading some to ask why not learn from someone elite? And many feel the focus on getting blog gigs is super outdated. On the flip side, a few students vouched for the course, saying they were making money thanks to Sarah.

Q: Refund policy?

A: You’ve got 14 days, but it’s action-based. So if you think you can just eat hot dogs and cry for a couple weeks and get your money back, think again. You have to at least make an effort.

Q: Write Your Way To Freedom vs Filthy Rich Writer?

A: Filthy Rich Writer, a copywriting course by Nicki Krawczyk, costs a fraction of WYWTF at $697. But Nicki tries to upsell you on other courses, doesn’t offer as much coaching or accountability, and comes across as really fake. I’d go with Sarah or nothing.

Q: How to become a copywriter without paying for an expensive coaching program?

A: There’s YouTube University, podcasts, and tons of classic copywriting books. From there, just read and write a lot. I know, I know. That advice is about as sexy as a big hairy stepdad just dripping with diabetes, but it’s true.

Q: So I can really be a copywriter with no experience?

A: Well, yeah. No one slides out of the womb clutching a keyboard. Every great copywriter starts in the deep, dark abyss of cluelessness. You have to dive in, embrace the uncertainty, and learn as you go.

Q: Is it hard to get a job as a copywriter?

A: That’s like asking if it’s hard to get tips as a stripper. I mean, if you’re flatter than drywall in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, then yes, it can be tough. But if, even when you’re standing still, that ass shakes like you’re riding a bull in a rodeo? No, it’s easy. In other words, be what clients want and you’ll never go hungry.

Q: How to make money from copywriting passively, without clients?

A: Rent out small websites to local businesses. Watch this video to see how.