Ratiq DeWitt checks his calendar and sees 365 days of Christmas. He can help you buy the luxury or exotic car you want without ever stepping foot in a dealership.

Say goodbye to long waits, limited local inventory, and complicated paperwork. 

Ratiq has sourced and negotiated over $2 million in high-end whips this year alone. His clients are investors, entrepreneurs, and high-income earners. 

Ratiq says there are four big mistakes people make when buying such cars themselves.

Read on for my review. 

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RemoteLeaders IO

Paulo Flores has skin softer than the leather seats in a Rolls Royce. Would love to know what his daily routine is. I bet he drinks lots of water and uses a good exfoliator. 

Anyways. He’ll help you transition from the 9-5 grind to earning $5- to $10k per month from home in the next three to six months.

All by learning this one in-demand skill. 

No previous experience needed. You don’t have to run your own business. And you can do this even if English isn’t your native language.

Interested? Then read on for my Remote Leaders review. 

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Camila Markson moved from Brazil to the United States in 2016. Nannying was the only work she could get since her English wasn’t the best.

She did that for a few years. Liked it, enjoyed being around kids, didn’t love it though.

So she started looking for ways to make money online.

Tried a few different side hustles. Dropshipping, Amazon, the usual. Made a little money but it wasn’t sustainable. 

Then, her eureka moment: she discovered affiliate marketing.

It was like finding the last piece of a puzzle – suddenly, everything clicked for Lil’ Miss Mila Markson. 

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Cassiy Flower Background

Cassiy Johnson gets it: you scroll through YouTube and see oodles of Etsy success stories and a sadness washes over you because you feel like you missed the boat.

But you haven’t, she says. You can still make money on Etsy. This year, next year and beyond. 

And if you do print on demand, you don’t need much money to launch and there’s hardly any risk.

Plus, you can be up and running faster than you can microwave a Hot Pocket. List an item today, get your first sale by tomorrow. 

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Brook Hiddink made over $5 million in his first 16 months with his first-ever ecommerce store. Shoot, no wonder he’s drinking espresso martinis. 

His M.O.? High ticket dropshipping. 

He sold products made by luxury brands, for thousands of dollars a pop.

No inventory, no stressing out about shipping, no need to create an actual brand. 

My flabber is officially gasted. Can’t wait to hear more.

Read on as I raw-dog this Brook Hiddink review.

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Freud Beach

Freud Vixamar looking better than a free Crumbl cookie on your birthday. He’s the founder of Faceless Freedom.

It’s a new era, Freud says. Everything’s changing. We’re entering “the new arbitrage economy.”

And now, regular 9-5ers, no different than me and you, are making as much as doctors… working only a couple of hours a week.

No previous experience or special skills required.

Are you face down on the floor, ready to slurp? Good, ’cause Freud’s about to spill the beans.

Please proceed… for Faceless Freedom reviews.

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Vikram Wife

Vikram Raya: cardiologist, high-performance coach, real estate investor, family man. 

See also: wears the hell out of a vest.

When he’s not shoving stents in diabetics or buying his next apartment building, this guy can be found wining and dining his wife, coaching his sons’ basketball teams, climbing mountains, sparring in the ring, or conquering Tough Mudders.

And here I can barely find time to wipe pee off the toilet seat.

I guess it makes sense why he calls himself the Limitless MD, huh?

But anyways, should you buy his program?

Read on for my Infinite 8 Mastermind review. 

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Partner With Wyatt

Wyatt Walker? Chain me to a radiator in some psychopath’s dingy basement, and I’ll saw off my hand a la James Franco in 127 Hours before I’d buy his program.

He says he’s got the #1 business to start this year. It can make you $2k, $5k, or even $10k a month from home.

No experience or skills necessary. And you can do it in as little as five hours per week.

So what is it? Something about uploading free-to-use videos online.

Simple videos. Short videos. Like seven-seconds long, Wyatt says, before claiming he makes $100k a month doing this.

My skepticism is jumping outta the toaster like a Pop-Tart. 

Wyatt has until the end of this 7-Figure Academy review to turn me into a believer.

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Mike AirPods

Mike Brusca looks like he shot this video about a million years before Christ. Can somebody get this guy a new webcam?

Also, did the Grateful Dead have a garage sale I didn’t hear about?

Mike and his brother Joe have been trying to make money online since 2014. 

They’ve done every side hustle you can think of. Amazon FBA, Kindle publishing, niche blogging, land investing.

Most of it ended in a towering mound of disappointment, but not all.

They claim to have made over $30 million in revenue from dropshipping, despite resembling dudes you’d see on the public bus headed to Taco Bell for lunch.

Read on for my Build Assets Online review.

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Simply Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner pushes her copywriting course harder than a street corner mixtape. 

It’s called Write Your Way To Freedom.

She tears your ass off and turns your butthole inside out with what she charges for it. 

Cost is apparently $5,800!

With nearly 6,000 students enrolled, that means Sarah’s made about $35 million peddling this thing.

No way she still practices what she preaches.

And I guess that’s okay, as long as WYWTF members are winning. But are they? Especially as ChatGPT redefines writing?

Well glug down a Monster, shove some cotton in your ears and stand still – I’m about to power slap you with the truth.

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Caleb In Suit

Caleb Jones seems like he’s always compensating. The kinda guy who’d kick down an unlocked door.

It’s almost as if his mind’s saying alpha male, but his heart’s saying Star Wars

What? I can’t unsee all the rings, swords and vests.

Dude probably has a poster of Mystery, the greatest pickup artist of all time, hanging above his bed.

He’s written a book called The Unchained Man: The Alpha Male 2.0. It teaches you how to be happier, better with women, richer, and freer.

It funnels readers into expensive coaching programs like Sovereign CEO and Unchained CEO. 

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Mike Campion Mop

Mike Campion got the memo about bringing a bucket and a mop for this wet ass… never mind.

He can help you build a million dollar cleaning company while enjoying more time off.

If you own a cleaning business, you’re probably used to juggling everything from payroll to customer service. Sixty-hour weeks are the norm. Gotta do more to earn more, right?

Nuh-uh, says Mike. 

That belief has saggy boobs and sciatic pain. 

The Clean Profit Accelerator course promises to modernize your approach.

Read on for my review.

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Sam Green Background

Sam Taggart runs D2D Experts. They help door-to-door salespeople grow, lead and recruit.

Whether it’s solar, roofing, pest control, alarms, windows, or whatever else. 

Sam started in door-to-door sales at 11, offering to spray paint house numbers on curbs.

Sam’s Mormon and lives in Utah, so it makes total sense. 

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say his family’s participated in an MLM or two over the years as well.

But anyways. Sales isn’t complicated, Sam says. 

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Music Business Freedom Guide

Fabiana Claure is a pianist and business strategist for musicians. She’s the creator of The Musician’s Profit Umbrella: a mentorship program that can help you build, grow, and scale your music biz online.

That’s right, create financial and artistic prosperity without working so damn much.

Whether you’re performing or teaching, right now, you’re trading time for money, aren’t you? That’s not scalable and it may not even be sustainable – if you’re on the verge of burnout.

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Tim Luong and his dad, Tom, use something called Echo Mapping to spot winning investments before they blast off.

Tom escaped Vietnam, came to America without a penny to his name, couldn’t speak a lick of English, never worked on Wall Street, and now makes over $1 million a year with this strategy.

Oh, and he trades less than three hours a day.

Tom’s a certified gangster of the highest order. No question about it, he’s Mr. I Be On That Block. 

But if this father-son duo’s so good at trading, why do they need your money?

Read on for Stock Navigators reviews.

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